Together The Caring Tradition in Action

Caring for our community with your support.   

We Are What We Eat Healthy Food for All

March is National Nutrition Month. Help us put healthy, nourishing food on the tables of children and families.  Your gift supports pop-up farmers markets at school bus stops throughout our region to distribute bags of farm-fresh produce, meat, and cheese. $50 supplements a family diet for two weeks.

The Caring Tradition in Action 2023 Hospital Priorities

From new parent support groups to free cancer screenings to expanded mental health services, find out how your generosity is improving the health of our beloved community in 2023. 

The Caring Tradition in Action

Just as it has for more than a century, Martha Jefferson’s Caring Tradition is all of us, caring for each other to improve the health of our community. Your generosity makes possible transformational programs and small acts of kindness that heal patients, comfort families, and improve health and wellbeing for our community.

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