Esther’s Story June 2, 2022

Veteran Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital obstetrics nurse Esther Lozano Otis was chosen to become the first dedicated staff resiliency coordinator charged with creating programs to help frontline teams manage stress and fight burnout. In this position Lozano Otis builds on her two years of leadership in creating a hospital-wide self-care program for nurses. She holds a BSN and RN, as well as certifications in yoga and mindfulness-based stress reduction. She is uniquely positioned to understand and address the urgent need for self-care among all staff, clinical and non-clinical. In her new role Lozano Otis is creating an easily accessible program of free events, therapeutic services, educational classes, and other resources. “We’re giving our teams the tools and practices to change unhealthy practices that lead to stress and burnout,” says Lozano Otis.

Lozano Otis is also leading the charge to develop “resiliency spaces” throughout the hospital—quiet where team members can retreat when they need a moment to themselves or a place to connect and share support with their colleagues.

Holistic health efforts have proven benefits in promoting staff retention, a healthier workforce, and improved staff and patient satisfaction. Ultimately, Lozano Otis sees herself as a champion for a cultural shift among hospital staff.

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