Commemorative Gifts
Make a gift to celebrate or remember those who matter most in your life.

Living Tributes

Enlivened by the spirits of those beloved to the Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital community, the commemorative grove is a living tribute to those who have made a difference in the lives of their families and community. The grove is a beautiful stand of flowering trees located near the front of the hospital.

It is integral to the 40-acre healing environment surrounding the hospital, which includes patient rooms facing toward unparalleled views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, walking trails, and peaceful spaces like a pond, labrynth and outdoor amphitheater.

We thank all the friends who have chosen to honor or remember family members, caregivers, staff and volunteers by planting a tree in our commemorative grove, and sharing the nature’s extraordinary healing powers with our community.

When you plant a tree in our commemorative grove, you share peace and healing with our entire community. We invite you to choose from one of four varietals of flowering trees. Each tree will be designated by a unique marker installed at its base.

Plant Your Tree

Donate to Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital to honor or remember a loved one, or to show your gratitude to a doctor, nurse or caregiving professional. You let us know whom to notify, and we will send a card letting them know of your generosity.

Donate in Honor or Memory of Someone

Welcome Your Baby with Love

Few moments in life are more precious than the birth of a child. To celebrate the love that binds us as families and as a community,  we invite you to honor the arrival of a new baby by inscribing the child's name and birthdate on a turtle-shaped marker. Your gift supports hospital programs that serve mothers and babies and ensures that every one of the 1,200 babies born at Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital every year has access to the care and services all children deserve.

Make a Baby Wall Gift