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Understanding Alzheimer's and Dementia

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We’ve all heard about Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia, but did you know they are not the same thing? While it might be tempting to just chalk memory loss up to “old age,” it’s worth learning more. Correctly diagnosing the cause of dementia leads to the best treatments and support.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, and it is not a normal part of aging. It’s a progressive and fatal brain disease. Recently, Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital presented a two-part webinar series with Brooke Gill, program manager for the Central and Western Virginia Chapters of the Alzheimer’s Association. She provides information about how Alzheimer’s affects the brain, detection, causes and risk factors, stages of the disease, treatment, and much more. This session will help you recognize the common signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s in yourself and others.

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