Save the Date! 24th Annual Golf Championship
May 12, 2025


The Club at Glenmore

Keswick, Virginia

Shotgun Start at Noon

Thank you!

With your support, we raised more than $75,000 from this year's event to support nearly 2,000 families in our area. This funding will be providing nourishing food through our free farm fresh food stands initiative and will provide one family with up to two weeks of healthy meats, cheeses, fruits, and vegetables.

Healthy, nourishing food is fundamental to good health and the prevention and management of diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and other chronic illnesses. Yet one in 10 children in our region lives in poverty, and thousands more lack regular access to nourishing fruits, vegetables, and meats. These illnesses drive patients into our hospital and family practices when they could be managed by focusing on health maintenance plans. Free fresh food stands provide the opportunity to get in front of the problem, especially with our youth.

As part of our mission to provide healthy living and fight chronic disease, Martha Jefferson Hospital is hosting 14 FREE pop-up fresh farm stands in underserved neighborhoods from March through October distributing free bags of farm-fresh meat, cheese, and produce in a farmers market setting. Families select bags of food providing an opportunity for healthcare workers and volunteers time to talk about healthy food preparation, recipes with fresh vegetables, and uncover potential health concerns through our free blood pressure and A1C checks. 

Your participations impact

“I really want to take a few moments to thank all the people who assisted to provide the famer market in Fluvanna. I am 100% P&T but do not qualify for any means-based assistance., so often I have less in my wallet, not more, than other disabled persons. I can manage, but it was such a great experience, and I ate so well for a week basically free! I asked a neighbor to join me because I wasn’t sure about walking and carrying the bags solo, and as he agreed mentioned he had bought a discounted cut of meat and how should he cook it, so it was ideal for the circumstances - I explained to him how to braise it in tomato sauce, so he put it in the oven w/ plenty of time for supper.  I put bunches of the greens in the pot too, and we shared a hearty healthy meal w/ some bread. He sent me home w/ the extra sauce to which I pan steamed the mushrooms and had w/ pasta. Next, I boiled some eggs and potatoes and made a tasty meal using the salad mix.  Now I am enjoying a pot of chicken stew, greens, and zucchini w/ some rice.

And ironically a decade or so ago I piloted a program which so matches your efforts of offering budgeting, recipes, etc. so people can feed themselves and family in healthy, affordable, and responsible ways. We also recruited the school system, developing lesson plans across the curriculum involving literacy, math, health, etc. which also were essentially no cost - amazing how creative educators can be using the weekly sales ads which the grocery stores were glad to donate. The cafeteria staff also got involved and decorated the space using student-created projects promoting nutritional choices. The fondest memory of mine was a visit to a supermarket with extremely at-risk teens with behavioral issues.  The manager was aware of our plan and the worksheets which were part of the project. However, nobody realized it was also the time the seniors were bussed to do shopping, which could have been a source of conflict since patience was not yet amongst the virtues... but we witnessed the amazing. The youth were gladly assisting the elderly - reaching for items, pushing carts, chatting...  Such programs encourage community and dignity – food, not just the stomach, but the soul.”

Blessings, Lee (a free farm stand recipient)

Thank you to our 2024 sponsors!

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